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"Gabriela made such a wonderful impression on me the first time we met! Soft spoken, but powerful in her ability to make people feel comfortable and peaceful. The mothers she has worked with at our Baby & Me group are thrilled with the decision to add her to our list of speakers. One called it “genius”! I love to watch her interact with the moms and babies…she is very respectful asking for permission before touching anyone. The infant massage that she taught the mothers was magical to watch. Soothing and peaceful, but very interactive and always pointing toward the bond between mother & child. The mom massages were “fantastic” and “awesome” according to our very grateful mothers who don’t feel sometimes like they can treat themselves to the luxury of relaxation and healing through touch. Several mentioned having recent backaches from holding and nursing their growing babies & they were especially excited to walk away feeling renewed and stronger both mentally and physically. Thanks again Gabriela, for the little taste of your art of massage. You have been given great talent in this craft!"

Lori Davenport, BSN, RN, CCE- Perinatal Education, Greensboro Women's Hospital

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