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Greensboro Family Massage by Gabriela provides a variety of high-quality Massage options! 

Whether you are seeking Relaxation, Pampering, or Pain Relief 

Explore what service is best for you and schedule today! 

Infant Massage Class

*Infant Massage Class: The perfect class for parents and their babies! These unique, hands-on classes empower parents to use nurturing touch to support the natural bonding process, encourage healthy physical and nervous system development and have fun with their precious little one!  Gabriela patiently and playfully guide's parents through Massage Techniques they will use with their own baby, creating a class that is fun and educational! 

  • Classes are offered in a series taking place once a week for four weeks, with each class lasting an hour.
  • Group classes are capped at four families to keep instruction personalized and to encourage participants to get to know and support each other. 
  • Participants receive an Infant Massage Guidebook to take home.
  • Classes include relaxation exercises for parents, guided instruction in Infant Massage, Q&A, Educational Topic Talk and sweet memories to last a lifetime! 
  • Classes are designed for parents with babies 1 month to crawling. 

 Find a class that fits your schedule- 2017 Class Schedule coming soon! Email Gabriela at

Gift Certificates for Greensboro Family Massage with Gabriela Infant Massage Class make a great gift for parents to be or new parents! 


Therapeutic Massage for Big Kids (12-18) and Beyond! 

* Swedish Massage: Relax, breath deep, and put the stress of daily life aside with a Full Body Swedish Massage tailored to your pressure preference. Includes Scalp, Face and Feet! 

* Hot Stone Massage: The ultimate in relaxation! Heated river stones melt away tension and aches, and leave you feeling totally blissed out. Perfect for anyone who loves heat, has chronic back tension or aches or just wants to be totally pampered! 

* Deep Tissue Massage: Want to get that "Hurts so Good" feeling? Schedule a Deep Tissue massage to unwind tension and loosen up tight muscles. 

* Trigger Point Therapy Massage: Get a handle on chronic pain, and start feeling better! One or more Trigger Point Therapy sessions will help you get to the root of your discomfort, release chronic tension and create a customized game plan for living pain free. Gabriela's unique application of the Trigger Point method is sensitive, educational and effective- the lines of communication will stay open throughout the session so that your experience is positive. Therapy sessions involve targeted work on areas of discomfort and pain and are most effective when scheduled several weeks in a row and followed by maintenance massages. Massage is not a replacement for Professional Medical treatment and is often most effective when done as a complimentary treatment. 

* Sports Massage: Boost your performance, make your work out routines more sustainable, and address aches and pains with Sports Massage. Sessions involve plenty of assisted stretching, targeted work on problem areas, and overall warming and loosening of muscles. Sports Massage will leave you feeling alert and ready for success! Sports Massage is a great option for young athletes ages 12-18. 

*Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage: Building a baby is hard work! Every pregnant momma deserves to be pampered as she does the big work of carrying baby for 9 months. Pre-Natal massage is also effective for the aches and pains of a healthy pregnancy, especially low back, neck and shoulder pain and tired feet. Pre-Natal massage also helps sooth mental tension, release endorphins and get momma feeling her best. A gift certificate for Pre-Natal massage makes a perfect gift for any pregnant mom! Additionally, some moms can get a prescription for massage from their Dr. when stress is an issue during pregnancy. 

* Couple's Massage: Celebrate an Anniversary, Holiday or just simply relax with a Couple's Massage for Two! Couple's massage is a unique opportunity to get away and connect with the person of your choice, each client receives there own custom massage from their own massage therapist while having the person of choice just an arms length away in the same room. Whether it be a romantic partner, parent or child, or best friend, Greensboro Family Massage by Gabriela proudly provides massage for all couples, including those who identify as LGBTQ. 

* Reflexology: Based on Eastern Medicine traditions, Reflexology is a detailed and thorough massage of the lower legs and feet. For some, it is simply a relaxing and blissful foot massage. For others, focused work on the pressure points in the feet results in therapeutic effects for the whole body. Reflexology can be a great option for people with health issues that contraindicate full body massage, or those who want the benefits of massage but do not feel comfortable with full body massage. If certain health issues exist, a signed Doctor's note is required before massage can be provided. 

* Chair Massage: Want to share the benefits of massage with your friends, family or work place? Schedule chair massage for your next Baby Shower, Health Fair or Staff Appreciation Day! Clients rest in a comfortable padded chair designed especially for massage and remain fully clothed; each massage lasts between 5-15 minutes depending on how many people are receiving massage. More than one therapist can be hired in order to serve a larger group of people. Schedule chair massage for your next event and everyone will thank you! 

To schedule an appointment for any of these Massage Services with Gabriela contact A to Zen Massage. Gabriela is part of the amazing team of Massage Therapists at A to Zen Massage in Greensboro, NC and is proud to serve her clients in the comfort of Greensboro's Best Day Spa! (A to Zen was voted Triad's Best Day Spa By Triad Reader's Choice in 2016)

Call A to Zen and request Gabriela:  336.334.0044

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Chair Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Couples Massage$170 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$100 / 60 minutes
Infant Massage Instruction$110 / each
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Reflexology$40 / 30 minutes
Sports Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Trigger Point Therapy$80 / 60 minutes
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